Commercial validation for early stage technologies.

BioAdvantage provides independent commercial evaluation reports for early stage technologies, especially for pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and nutraceuticals.

The focus is to understand the potential advantages of the new product to end users and to other healthcare stakeholders, and to identify potential commercial risks. This information is critical to guide robust investment and commercialisation strategy decisions, and to ensure the optimal use of available resources.

Services include:

Defining the Value Proposition

  • Analysis of the global market size and trends.
  • Analysis of current and emerging competition.
  • Identifying what the technology needs to deliver to the end customer, and other key stakeholders.

Commercial Risk Assessment

  • Identifying critical issues that need to be considered early in the commercialisation process.
  • Sourcing expert advice on specific questions such as regulatory requirements and health economics data requirements .

Commercialisation Strategy

  • Assisting with a roadmap for commercialisation.
  • Partnering strategy.


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